Reflections on the “Age of Satan” and Walpurgis Night

Today is Walpurgis Night of 2014, this night is important to both pagans and Satanists. In the Satanic context, Walpurgis Night is important because it was on Walpurgis Night of 1966 that Anton LaVey, the late founder of the Church of Satan, announced Year One of the Age of Satan, which was the founding of the Church of Satan.

A real boss pic of Anton LaVey. In modern times, the Church of Satan is especially poorer for having lost him.

I honestly wonder about the term, mostly since according to the philosophy of Satanism, the only thing separating the Satanist from the average human being is the level of openness and acceptance towards our own desires and the nature of one’s spiritual path. If you think about it, if Satan is already a prime force in our lives, then I’m inclined to think we were already in the Age of Satan, were we not already ruled by the Christian church.

Nonetheless, I do intend to celebrate Walpurgis Night, by commemorating Anton LaVey’s Walprugis Night every year in my own way. I think one can also spend the occasion celebrating the birth of all the other Satanic schools of thought, because with the advent of Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan, people began drawing from his philosophy as inspiration. Whatever we think about the Church of Satan, even independent Satanists such as myself owe a certain level of respect to LaVey, thus we commemorate not a church, but the birth of modern Satanism.

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