My thoughts on the European Union (as if I care)

Yesterday my brother was attending a conference on disabled students as a student union officer, and he and some others from various educational institutions talked about UK politics, particularly the European Parliament elections set for next month (our date is May 22nd). Yep, you can guess that I’m uninterested in the subject, although I did have a conversation with my brother that allowed me to express my feelings on the matter.

I’m an uninterested pessimist regarding the whole Europe thing. Usually I don’t care about the subject, but I do think that, no matter what we vote on, it won’t make a difference. Think about it, the European Union is basically an economic and political hegemony. It tells other countries how to do things and run their governments and pays for statues that no one wants. In our own country though, our government seems to be doing all it can to increase the “power” it has over the people, destroy our healthcare system, and in general send the country back to the Dark Ages, all to further their career and financial status. Whatever we cast our vote for, it doesn’t look good at all, and I’d rather not have any of those clowns call the shots in our country!

It’s worth noting that the EU has sometimes prodded or reminded our country about human rights, and one time it did prevent our country from robbing people of the freedom to show football without a corporate license, and I’ve heard the government can still be held to court over human rights abuse, but what difference does it make? If our country can’t preserve liberty without an overarching hegemony reminding us about it, then there’s something wrong from the beginning. Besides, it would be pretty embarrassing for me to glamorize an entity such as the EU, when the individual and the liberty of the individual is the highest importance to me

As I said before, I’m not usually interested, and would prefer to stay disinterested in British politics in general, but if you get me to look at this whole thing, I’d say it doesn’t look good.


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