It’s not love that’s for sale, it’s sex

I noticed a programme on the TV guide that will be airing today entitled “Love for Sale”, which is about prostitution (not that I’ll watch). Call it nitpicking if you will, but from the title I swear there’s ignorance afoot, either that or it’s just there to grab attention by appealing to the wider ignorance of the general population.

In any case, it’s probably going to be less stupid (despite its profoundly stupid title), let’s just cut to the point: love is not what’s for sale. Prostitution doesn’t work that way and it’s not why people go to them. It’s sex that is being offered for sale. That’s literally all there is to it.

You can’t really sell love anyway. Who in the right mind would buy it, or want to have to buy it, or sell it in the first place? Love is a feeling, and you can’t exchange feelings for a monetary sum. Sex on the other hand is a physical act that can be made into a service which can thus be bought and sold by anyone who is interested. If love was for sale, who would want it, and what meaning would it have?


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