To hell with stem cell immortality

Lately I’ve been hearing of a program soon to air on the Discovery Channel called ‘Stem Cell Universe’, and as I watched the ad and how it promote the idea of stem cells as the key to immortality, I can’t feeling very miffed.

Why would I want or even need physical immortality? It’s really not as cracked up to be as it might sound. If we humans had physical immortality, then not only would it keep them from seeking out spiritual immortality, but the life would gradually become meaningless enough that you would actually regret living it. Even if you think eternal life in the physical world is going to be the bomb, I’m sure life would eventually find a way of making it suck so hard that you’ll wish you could actually die. Not to mention, what if this immortality started becoming commonplace? What if no one died? Think of how much the earth would fill up with walking piles of organic matter. It’d suffocate the earth, and your eternal physical life might just turn out to be even shittier! Not just for yourself, but everyone else who is physically immortal. Even worse, what if they only use it on people of high status? Then this immortality would be nothing more than a tool to further the so-called power of the state, and corporations too, and that’s just plain wrong.

When it comes to the possibility of giving humanity physical immortality, I feel the same way Dr Ian Malcolm felt about reviving dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. The people who work towards physical immortality think so much about the possibility that they can do it and nothing at all about whether or not they should do it.

Dr Ian Malcolm, as portrayed by Jeff Goldblum.

Physical immortality in this universe is kind of a joke anyway if you think about it. Even if you could cheat death forever with stem cells, what are you gonna do if you’re suddenly without them? What if your body gets torn apart, sliced in half, shredded, lacerated, or reduced to little more than tiny chunks or even dust? What if you get shot into outer space with no oxygen, let alone access to stem cells? What if, and this may be unlikely, your body gets destroyed by disasters of a cosmic nature, like supernovas, black holes, the many other ways the universe can destroy your body? The fact is, there are so much more ways for humans to die and get their bodies destroyed than stem cell immortality implies, like old age, diseases and cancers, or getting shot or stabbed. And in the end, it won’t count for crap. Sooner or later, life finds a way, and physical immortality will be all for nothing.

It’s not even worth it. Who really wants to live for a thousand, a hundred thousand, a million, or a billion years anyway? There are more limits on how you can enjoy your life in physical immortality than you’ll realize, and sooner or later you’ll wish you could die anyway. I’d rather have spiritual immortality any die of the weak, because at least it’d be nothing like physical immortality, with the inevitability of physical immortality being not all it’s cracked up to be. I’d rather, if possible, keep my youthful looks the rest of my life and still die a natural death some time after living my life and fulfilling my dreams and achieving my spiritual goals, than suffer millions of years longer and it all be for nothing anyway, just because I chose physical “immortality” over spiritual immortality.


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