There’s still a place in my heart for blue


Yesterday I had taken a look at the suit I wore at a summer ball (and perhaps some other prom nights too) and will soon wear for a wedding. The suit has an electric blue shirt, and my mom kept nagging me about an appropriate tie (the tie I had was fine but I ended up picking up a purple tie that fit well with it). In the process of the trip, I thought about the color blue again.

Usually my colors are red and black, and fire colors, but I have a soft spot for blue, in much the same way I do for green and purple. I like blue in the right circumstances. For instance, my preferred kinds of blue are a blue like the image shown above, the blue of ocean or pool water enriched by the sun, electric blue, and in generally any blue that feels aquatic, since I almost always like blue in a watery and aquatic context. I also like darker forms of blue so long as they actually work for me and aren’t dull. I generally dislike dark navy or generally metallic forms of blue, for they seem tame and lifeless, and I have no interest in the darker and colder oceans. Blue was associated with, besides water, the Water type in Pokemon, which is still among my favorite types of Pokemon, and that tends to have an effect if it’s that important to your childhood.

An example of the kind of aquatic blue I like alongside true blue.

When I picked out a purple tie (purple being another color I’m fond of), I matched it with the shirt we brought, and I thought it fit nicely, and as I focused intensely on the color of the tie for some reason, and how it fit with the color of the shirt. Made me think of purple as the esoteric (and tasty) color, and how I always associated purple with blue in a water-related way (perhaps since I heard of purple as a color associated with water), though I also feel the combination is in general esoteric by nature, pertaining to an essence that appealed to me. Together they appeal to my like of water, my interest in the esoteric, my generally esoteric way of thinking and tendencies, and a watery side of my soul. Also, Shiva’s skin is generally blue or purple, though I don’t usually depict that way. Blue and purple go so great together, just like blue and red go together.

It’s difficult to find satisfactory pictures of blue and purple going together. This is the best example I could find.

It’s interesting to think of both blue and purple and red and purple as excellent and appealing combinations by the almost same virtues. It’s like purple is the connect between red and blue.

I still don’t like purples that are too dark or too metallic, or too bland, or if used in a royal manner.


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