Buddhism, Taoism and Satanism

I found this post while searching yet again for clues on how to bring Satanic and Asian ideas together, written by a very interesting Satanic thinker named Cassie. Enjoy.

Devil's Advocates

Almost certainly Satanism is most often compared and contrasted with Christianity and the other Abrahamic faiths. My own path owes relatively little to these beliefs but        my girlfriend is a Buddhist and it is a religion I have always respected. Also I have always been impressed with Taoism and in many ways I still regard myself as a Taoist as well as a Satanist. I apologize in advance to any Buddhists or Taoists that are reading this post as my brief summaries of those religions are surely vast over-simplifications. Buddhism and Taoism are major and complicated religions with long histories and I certainly couldn’t do justice to explaining them in this short post. What I would like to do however is show some areas in which, while they might be very different, they are at least “compatible” with Satanism.

One area of similarity is that in principle…

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