Why the world is such as mess…and a key root of my philosophy

Last night I was watching The Graduate with my brother, what struck me was the character of the main character. He was weak, so easily seduced by a woman he didn’t even want. He was weak before her, not exerting control over his life around him, and he was a real doofus who lets everything blow up in front of him and makes everything worse for himself. I just think of how a man of stronger will and mind, and nobler character, would act. And then my mind takes me to what I dislike about the world, why I think it’s a mess, my answer to the world, and what I value.

(Now be warned, this post isn’t really about the movie and the rest of the post has little if anything to do with the movie or my assessment of it).

I believe the world is a mess not merely because of the existence of tyranny and evil, but the fact that we keep allowing it to happen, and part of the reason this does happen is because we’re too weak or stupid to oppose it. The world is a mess because people are a mess; confused, weak, and they do not fight for what they believe is right. We, particularly as adults, tolerate gray areas to easily, not pursuing clarity and strength of conviction. Though life itself may not always be clear, we cannot perceive it or carve a path through it in confusion. This is why I criticize those without a clear idea of what they believe, or a clear answer to the world, I criticize lack of strength of will or conviction (or moral strength).

This is at the root of my answer to the world is all about: besides my basic tenets of freedom and individualism, and by extension personal power, (which in turn is at the root of why I embrace ideas such as egoism and how I got into Satanism), there is also strength of will and conviction, a clear answer to the world, the will to fight for your answer and carve that path for yourself (which relates to my morality instinct). This is at the root of my criticisms of the world, and its tendency for inaction even when evil, and mediocrity, stares it in the face.

One response to “Why the world is such as mess…and a key root of my philosophy

  1. Yes, humanity is weak in many ways, it has been, and will continue to be. By manifesting personal will to become the god in their own life the individual Satanist can rise above the weakness of humanity.

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