One facet of Western culture I have a problem with is the concept of the superhero. They are intended to be heroes, but let’s face it, they are little more than caped mascots. Even if they do not start that way, they become little more than that. The idea of the superhero is not very substantial to me, as is its morality. The superhero ideal is to never act in one’s own self-interest or one’s own desires (despite that acting on one’s own moral code is in itself an egoistic desire, albeit one oriented towards ethics), sacrificing oneself for the “greater good”, and generally protecting the status quo. If you’re anything but that, you’re usually a “villain”. Sure they apparently save the city from criminals, the world from super villains, and the universe from worse cosmic villains, but they can’t save everyone and usually they never fight any problems that are caused by the system rather than thugs.

We don’t need caped mascots. We don’t need people “heroes” who exist as just celebrities. We need whose who actually fight for their ideals, for what they think is right, rather than for the cries of those who seek just another caped crusader, or for conventional morality. We need people to answer this call of true heroism for themselves, those who have thought about what they believe in, not soldiers of society. And we certainly don’t need for stupid superhero movies.


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