An apparent irony, then a revelation

Lately this week I was going on a trip, and before yesterday I heard nothing about it. By then I was ready to cancel those plans until something came up at the last minute and I had to get ready to go within less than an hour. I really hated being disturbed like that, and I actually stated in a somewhat disgruntled mood “this always happens whenever we [me and my brother] try to maintain order in our lives”. After that I thought, “did I just say that?”.

It seemed ironic at first, especially after preaching Chaos and the non-existence of Order. But then it hit me. After I remembered that my Chaos was an ideological force, I also thought about structure and order, and its place in life and the world. I remember that structure and order, provided the proper context at least, are basically the same thing, and what I’m opposing is that Law ideology (in MegaTen terms), not really order. I also begin to think that we do need order, but not the kind of order espoused by thinkers like Thomas Hobbes, or for that matter the Abrahamic God. We need order and structure, but it must be an order of our own creation, for ourselves. And if we must introduce order into the lives of children in their early years, then we must be morally careful in how best to introduce that sense of order without stepping into tyrannical behavior.

I also think of power and controlling that power. Without anything controlling power, which is usually the will of the individual to contain that power, that power goes wild and the results are usually not good, although this may be mostly from a mythological context.

I still believe in what I believe before, and I feel this new revelation about order is best complimented by my Chaotic analysis and this is thus a Chaotic idea of order, but I am reminded of a need for “order”, by no less then my own instincts and feelings.

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