BBC Three: What’s the Harm?

Last night, there was a program airing on British channel BBC Three, which incidentally was facing the threat of being axed from TV (good riddance in that case). In the program, some random woman we probably never cared about (a.k.a. Jameela Jamil) tries to convince us of the so-called evils of pornography. She apparently believes that porn causes sexual violence, child abuse, and rabid underage sexual activity, despite that there’s no evidence of this being true.

It seems to me that either the lot in BBC Three has completely no understanding of pornography whatsoever, or is actively attempting to suffocate the sexuality of the British youth, or is merely attempting to shill mindless crap to our youth as usual, probably at the behest of some old men. Either way, seriously, it’s clear that the program and its host are both completely stupid, because anyone who believes that pornography causes any harm (or at least on its own) is completely retarded.

Pictured: a retard

The channel has a few programs titled What’s the Harm, all with the intent of duping the young masses and exploiting ignorance (and don’t forget that toxic dash of Christian values). For instance, the idea that all prostitution is forced and that none of the sex workers do what they do out of any enjoyment, or actually taking cyber sex seriously when we all know it’s little more than masturbation.

To be honest, how do we know BBC Three just wants every teen in the UK to have club parties with endless drinking, and invariably the reckless sex that comes with endless drinking? Maybe they just hate everything that’s not a club music party. The only reason you’d save a channel that does little more than spread ignorance and promote conformist youth culture, is because it has already taken hold of its millions of victims who now support it.

What’s the harm with porn? Nothing. What’s the harm with BBC Three? Everything.


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