The Satanist and dealing with Christians

To be frank, I actually do have a few friends who’ve told me they are Christian, and the odd thing is, in the case of my friends I don’t seem to care about trashing their religion at all. Religion simply is not the reason I happen to be friends with them.

To be fair though, they never talk about their religion to me initially. It’s after we get close as friends that religion gets mentioned, and actually there’s Christians I’m friends with who still have a problem with religion in general.

I know that Satanists like myself are usually adversarial towards Christianity, and I usually give the believers some flak, but even if the religion is garbage, some Christians are not so bad as people. In any case, the Satanist, as much as anyone else, may benefit from taking care in judging the character of others.


2 responses to “The Satanist and dealing with Christians

  1. The spiritual/religious/philosophical path is a personal path, so I won’t intrude unless the individual starts selling their ideas to me, then it is an invitation for debate.

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