Why I didn’t mourn Kurt Cobain yesterday

Yesterday, it seems everybody was mourning the death of grunge rocker Kurt Cobain, who died 20 years ago in a suicide. I, however, was not mourning. I didn’t even play any Nirvana songs the whole day yesterday. Now I’m aware I already talked about Cobain on this post last year (coincidentally 10 days after the anniversary of his day), but I felt like writing a post that was more directly about Kurt rather than simply talking about Kurt in a post that was mainly about suicide in general.

Anyways, the reason I do not mourn him or commemorate his death is because I feel that, in doing so, I would be acting in support or forgiveness of what I feel is his crime against his own music. He knew he was facing the commercialization of his music, and I don’t think In Utero stopped it, but rather than continue fighting for the integrity of his art, he killed himself, thus destroying any chance of saving his music from being absorbed into commercial mainstream and attaining the status popular music, all while abandoning his wife and daughter. Don’t get me wrong, his music is good (I can think of some songs from Nirvana that I like, and I’m usually a metalhead), but he throw it all away. To mourn him would thus be a foolish act of absolving his sins to his integrity, and I simply cannot engage in that practice even for how good his music might be.

Also, everyone seems to be mourning him as though he was the voice of the generation and I simply don’t wish to act that way regarding him. It seems as though it would be acting very slavishly, much as we people often do with their cultural icons, turning them into gods.


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