Why Gandhi is overrated

Those who have read my blog probably know me for rejecting and criticising the figures that everyone else takes up as their saints or social gods. Mother Teresa, The Dalai Lama,  even Jesus (assuming he physically existed). There’s also, among more recent figures, Pope Francis. Gandhi is no exception, for he is another figure who has been granted a halo by a society that seeks someone to say the things the masses want to hear.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is widely known for being a saint who championed non-violent resistance and his notorious hunger strikes and stern rejection of his own desires. He certainly fought against British colonial rule, but that alone will not make him a saint.

I’ve always seen him as nothing more than somebody with an artificial halo who is famous because he tells our people what they want to hear, on top being just another ascetic. But that’s the least of my problems with his image.

In South Africa, where he began a career as an attorney, he published articles supporting racial segregation, clearly indicative of him as a racist figure.  And he actually shared a bed with his two nieces, naked, supposedly in order to test his ability to resist the temptations of the material world.

Also, he was a hypocrite. For someone who advocated non-violence and pacifism, and for someone who opposed colonialism, Gandhi in 1918 agreed to actively recruit the people of India to fight during World War I, though in his defence he stated that he wouldn’t personally kill anyone and that he probably did it to for the cause of Indian independence. Even then though, while I should respect anyone’s willingness to fight for anything, in Gandhi’s case it just seems hypocritical.

Honestly though, my main problem with Gandhi is that, whether he intended it or not, he became a cult, and after he died he became even more of a cult for the masses who just seem to worship him. Everyone seems to think he changed the world, but he didn’t. In my opinion, all he did was sell peaceful protest to the world and preach pacifism, which we are now kinda high on. But that’s it. He didn’t do anything. All you see is world leaders spouting crap.


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