A regular struggle

The great enemy for me was always oppression, and the noble ideal is freedom. Yet in my head, I keep reminding myself that every day I feel the fear of other people’s thoughts and reactions might be creeping up. That’s why every day is a new fight, especially if you’ve got yourself stuck in a situation where you have family and Facebook in your life.

And don’t be so smug as to think for a minute that just because I’m a Satanist this doesn’t apply. Yes, the Satanist believes in not being held back by others, but that doesn’t mean that just because you’re a Satanist doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about what’s going around inside your head. Otherwise, we would slip into traps in a matter of seconds.

We all must fight against the fears that sometimes assail us, and just being a Satanist is no guarantee that you will never have to fight for your fears. Rather, if being a Satanist is about embracing individuality, then you must fight for it even more if your really believe in it.


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