Individual or slave, no middle ground

This honestly deserves to be hammered into everyone’s heads. Especially those that think everything can be resolved by sitting in an island of neutrality.


Some Satanists argue that they can have the best of both worlds, as an individual and a group-slave.  There is no middle ground between liberty of individuality or slavery of group-think.  The individual must choose between individuality or group-minded slavery, sitting on the fence pretending to be both individual and group-slave is a delusion.

I have seen some weird logic going on in some Satanic forums where one person claims another is not a member of their exclusive group because they do not in their subjective opinion conform to an unwritten code, the argument being that if everyone pretends that a code is not written, then it cannot be considered group-minded slavery, and if one self-proclaimed authority passes judgement that a code is broken and therefore the target of their criticism is not one of them, then this is not group-minded mentality either.

In individual Satanism there are no external…

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