A sense of ethics and honour

I always seem to pride myself on my ideas of what is right and wrong, and my sense of morals if you want to call it that. However, I dislike being referred to as moral in the same way that religious people are supposedly moral. I follow my own ethics and morals, not some conventional morality encouraged by society. Whatever I believe, it is because I believe it is right.

Whatever I support regarding ethics and decisions, I take care into considering whether I feel something is right, or at least coherent with my own values. When I began identifying as a Satanist, it was because of ethical and intellectual reasons. I believed, and still do believe, that Satanism is the right thing. Hell, the whole reason I go to the Left Hand Path in general is because I agree with it, or because I find it suits me ethically. This may sound odd until you realise that I base my ethics on me, rather than some external conventionalism, and that’s part of what being LHP is about.

When you ask me to take sides with anything, I prefer to consider the supreme question:”is it right for me to take this side?”. Hell, I’ll even disregard my family for the sake of what I believe, and I’ve already tried to disregard the existence my sister because of her (lack of) character.

I tend to have a high sense of my principles. Standing up for the moral ideal of freedom, standing up for what I feel is right, standing up for my own strength and will, commitment to my self and personal identity, not being mean to girls unless they deserve it, and never giving anyone I see as my enemy a victory, and whenever I feel like I have failed to uphold even some of my principles, I feel like a failure, and begin to feel mildly depressed. This particularly happens within my family, probably starting since my sister moved in. I live in an environment where it’s easy for me to fail to live up to what I hold true through no true fault of my own. A lot of times though, there’s not many opportunities that show up to fulfil some of my principles. And of course, there are principles I do manage to live up to in a small way every day.

I’m very thankful I have a friend or two who helps me see that I’m still an honourable person, when even my brother doesn’t. In fact, my brother seems to view how I treat my ethics to be “insane at best”, but then he has a more flexible, rational, but in my opinion half-hearted approach to ethics, though he tells me he tries to have strong moral views. Honestly if he’s strong about anything, it’s his supposed rationality and intelligence (he is intelligent, but I feel he markets himself as smarter than he actually is). I don’t like it when people don’t take their ethics seriously, or view them as merely tools. I take them seriously, I view them as a part of me, and I feel any honourable person should.

So there you go. Morality, or at least ethics, has been a thing for me for a long time and I’m certain will always remain that way.

One last thing that I feel like getting out there, if you think of sex or being sexually-minded is wrong, while blind obedience is right, then you really need to revise your definition of right and wrong.


2 responses to “A sense of ethics and honour

  1. The best way to describe a set of self-created rules that the individual lives by is call it a personal honor code. The personal honor code is something I live by too, and I think it a good way to approach life.

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