Can you imagine a world without revenge?

If justice is the idea of righting wrong, then if you think about it you wouldn’t have justice without revenge to give birth to it. Yes, revenge tends to not be inherently focused on right versus wrong, but it often feeds into it, and right versus wrong can often feed into the desire of revenge.

One of the reasons why the world tends to suck is that you usually can’t take that kind of satisfaction for yourself even in small ways. Usually when you live with bullshit in the family, bullshit from your boss, bullshit from school or college, and bullshit from society, there’s often no way for you to get revenge, usually not without suffering particularly negative consequences even though you’re the one getting bullshitted around. There are few equal or greater injustices if you think about it. Even more so if you can’t take revenge on abusive families.


8 responses to “Can you imagine a world without revenge?

  1. Ah, but yes there can be a world without revenge. There actually IS a world without revenge – only computers live in it (:

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