My sister is Jersey Shore

I was watching an episode of South Park called “It’s a Jersey Thing”, and as I watched the episode I noticed the characterization of the people from Jersey Shore, and I can’t help thinking that not only is it dead on about Jersey Shore, but the women of that type remind me of my sister.

I mean think about it: fake tan, black hair, total mean-spirited asshole towards everyone, thinks she’s in the right, stupid? That sounds like her alright, although probably less physically violent as far as I know. She’s a lot like the women of Jersey Shore, and their British spin-offs (Geordie Shore and The Valleys), both in looks and in personality and soul, to the point that I’d be surprised if she hasn’t watched those shows at all, let alone taken them as role models.

This probably makes it all that more satisfying when the people of South Park declare war on the Jersey shore people and start shooting them to death and then, to top it all off, we have planes falling down on them and blowing them up. Maybe, by identifying her with them, I begin to feel more satisfied because it’s like it all happens to my sister. I know she’s family, but she’s evil.


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