A contradiction of personality? Not really.

My brother seems to think of me as quite moralistic, but at the same time he thinks of me as perverted, but at the same time rather violent in mind (the third part in reaction to my ideas of righteousness, justice, and revenge). To be honest, he’s right about all three in a way. I tend be sexual in some way, I prize the carnal side of me and the lustful bellows of my soul, but I also have a sense of morality and righteousness, in a fiery kind of way, and this sense of justice tends to manifest in aggressive or passionate¬†ways in terms of my ideas of justice.

Thinking about it, these seem like things that are bound to contradict each other. However, I don’t think they need to be. One may have a high sense of righteousness or morality, but that doesn’t necessarily make you a prude unless your sense of morals is based on sexual prudishness or self-denial, or if your morality or code of ethics is based on these things. I just don’t see a reason why one cannot have a particular sense of or emphasis on one’s ethical code while also being very sexual and carnal as long as your code of ethics allows for it. Hell, you can be very sexual and still have a sense of what isn’t OK. You can still have standards.


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