Me and Ancient Egypt

After publishing my post about Chaos and Law a few weeks ago, I began thinking I was beginning to relate more to Egyptian ideas, and reflection on my interaction with them.

In May and June of last year, I was working on a major project for my art course in college. It was a gallery space, and was basically a small room containing 9 panting prints, a circular collage, an altar which featured 10 customised paper discs, and lots of writing and pictures on the wall. As I look back on it lately, I begin to remind myself of an ancient Egyptian temple or burial chamber, because there was a lot of writing and drawings in addition to the artwork on display. To add to that, there was a serpent  with a solar crest in the space stretching from the beginning to the end. To be fair though, I probably sensed a connection back when the space was created, but it seems more noticeable in my mind when I look back on it this month for some reason.

Maybe it’s Amun-Ra talking. He is the ram after all.

Some time ago I watched a documentary on the afterlife of Ancient Egyptian belief, particularly the journey undertaken by the pharaoh Seti I. The journey places Seti as re-enacting the mythic journey of the sun god Ra, in the shoes of the god like they had become one, and he sails across the waters bypassing obstacles and defeating the Apep, the symbol of annihilation, and reaching paradise. The more I reflect on that the more it just makes sense to me, the more it reminds of spiritual goals that I pursue, though clearly not in the same sense.

I’m not talking of a full-on conversion to the Egyptian pantheon here. I just feel like giving credit where it’s do. Besides, part of me is beginning to not see point in being puristic about gods from mythology being in a certain place.


12 responses to “Me and Ancient Egypt

  1. G’day Mr Aries, was just dropping in to wish u the happiest of days. I remember everyone’s birthday psychically (true-as soon as the date is apparent on that day then name or identity of the person follows). Now even though I don’t know u from a fuckin bar of soap, your born of the same stuff as me. Check further mate and you’ll find that even though your an aries like me, your soul fire rages more accurately like the newly discovered astro planet Eris. Though, i sense that you may not give a monkey’s crap about anything further in astro land than you being an aries. In egyption myth Eris is war/lust/love/fertility goddess Ishtar. All the best.

    • It’s you isn’t it? If it is, nice to hear from you again.

      I must say though. Eris is not found in Egyptian lore. She from Greek lore. And Ishtar is Babylonian.

      Still, thanks for the wish 🙂

      Say, as long as you refer to me as Mr Aries, I wonder if you’ve seen yesterday’s post.

      • 🙂 Yeah not clued up much bout which myths r what. I meant Ishtar bests reflects eris energy which can be masculine/feminine even though she a bitch…well to me anyhoot. Before i go i’d Love to know your birth time-your astro chart would fascinate me. Not many people fascinate me. Your one.

      • No I came on to say happy birthday and then saw your post. Interesting though Mr Aries, as people call me Mr Eris. Birthtime hehe

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