Dark things need to exist, dark things need to be said

In this world there is darkness as well as a light. And I’m not talking evil versus good here in case you don’t get it. I feel there is a need in this world for dark things to be, and for dark things to be said, otherwise things would only be light, saccharine, and positive, and this becomes a bad thing. What we need to face is that people need to have dark emotions and say dark things, are they are incomplete as human beings.

We have a need for dark things in this world. For instance, can you imagine what the world would be like if death did not exist? The saccharine imagination might envision an earthly paradise, but what it does not realize is that if death weren’t around, then lifeforms would completely overwhelm the world with no room to even breathe. Also, death in this world is inevitable because there is life.

Without the dark of night we cannot sleep. Without the ability to feel dark, aggressive and negative emotions, we are doomed to an existence that is both incomplete and hollow. Without our bellowing and howling lusts, not only would there not be life on this earth, but we would also not be livened as human beings. And I’ll tell you something else, I do not would not like it if humans were without feelings of hate or desire for revenge, among other emotions that are traditionally considered sinful, plenty of which, though, can be destructive if one is not careful.

One can also say that these dark emotions can be used for righteous or good ends. I for instance value this process and believe in righteous anger. You could also

I’m not saying one should embrace only darkness, for there is a light side that is just as valuable. It is not good embrace only darkness, for the same reasons it is not good to embrace only light. I am saying that there are dark things that need to be, need to be said, need to be felt and need to be talked about, because it completes us as human beings.

One more thing: As a Satanist, I feel that since Satanism is about accepting and embracing the darker side of the human psyche, then if you don’t accept the dark facets of the human mind then you aren’t a Satanist.


One response to “Dark things need to exist, dark things need to be said

  1. If you don’t or can’t accept the darket facets of human psyche then you are not a realist. Reality includes the darker facets. To deny them is to deny reality. Can you really live if you deny much of what and where you live?

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