Church of Satan membership, a review.

The Church of Satan may have a mostly good philosophy, but it turns out that, as this post explains, the administration is exploitative and crappy. A fine illustration of the dangers of organization, and what happens when you bring hierarchy to Satanism.


I thought it fun to review what an individual gets from paying $200 to be a member of the Church of Satan.  Answer, f*ck all.

Reading through the membership pages of the CoS it quickly becomes apparent that the member is considered a cash cow who serves to benefit the hierarchy of CoS rather than gain any personal benefit from the membership.

Starting from the “Join the Church of Satan” page the prospective member is invited to purchase The Satanic Bible, which is fair enough, but the benefits of the membership process sinks like the ship Titanic after that.  Peter Gilmore the current CoS leader exploits the membership process by suggesting a member purchases his book The Satanic Scriptures, so the individuals choice to join is “an informed one.” There follows verbose ego-stroking junk to pamper the prospective members ego into joining:

“We are a group of dynamic…

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