Phelps and Christian hypocrisy

Reblogging this post because this deserves to spread.


A Christian evangelist I know of in the local community stands on street corners singing and preaching Jesus; he has assaulted church officials in church services; he has a reputation of hate against the LGBT community; and his landlord evicted him after years of inflicting misery upon his neighbors.  He saw me today looking at Satanic sites on the internet, and flees as if something stung him, another hypocritical Christian.

Phelps to me represents the hypocrisy of the Christian religion.
People might ask why I have so much hate for Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church and express hubristic delight at his death.  Even though Phelps has done no wrong to me, Phelps has become to me the representation of the hypocrisy of Christian religion, preaching love on the one hand, but showing the face of hate to anything alternative to its worldview.  Phelps and his ilk is in…

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