Reject the world of shallow perceptions!

I was preparing for a meeting/interview at the university I plan to attend starting September, and my mother was all antsy about how smart I looked. And then my sister butted in with her nagging (which we in the family know caused her partner to leave her). On the way, I was still pissed about it, and my mother told me that somehow this is the real world, and that I’ve got to accept it.

I can’t. I can’t accept blasphemy against individuality and personal integrity. Conforming oneself and one’s image to societal exceptions is a blasphemy unto individuality. I urge you to reject a society that encourages this and to fight for your individuality, not letting go even once in your life.

Also, doesn’t it fucking bug you that adults tell you to be honest while at the same time most of them sell their souls?


2 responses to “Reject the world of shallow perceptions!

  1. Embrace individuality indeed, but in the space outside of you that you share with billions of other people you may need to embrace a mask if you have to sell yourself.

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