Thoughts on the Senran Kagura Burst final boss (one of them anyway)

Yesterday I got to the end of the Hanzo story mode in Senran Kagura Burst, and defeated the enemy Hebijo characters for the last time. Then I got to the leader, Homura, and ended up fighting her twice. The second time she uses the secret ninja scroll to power herself up, now she’s covered in red energy and gains a seventh sword (she has six). By then, I’m pretty confident this was gonna be epic, and it was somewhat harder than the first, but I still piledrived the boss. At this point I’m slightly disappointed, but it made sense with regards to the game’s story, being basically about two groups of schoolgirl ninjas fighting each other. But then, just as I think I’ve beaten the game, something else shows up. Apparently, Homura crawls out of the rubble, fuses with her comrades, who have already poisoned themselves to death after having been defeated, and forms a monster known as…Orochi?

Seriously? Haven’t we had enough references to Yamata-no-Orochi in Japanese games and anime? I know he’s in Japanese mythology and all, but his appearance here just seems pointless. Orochi in Senran Kagura Burst almost literally shows up out of nowhere, no set-up at all. And it’s not like Orochi’s the villain behind everything. According to the game, he’s a being composed of pure hatred. Apply cliché directly to the forehead. But that’s just the beginning. After you defeat Orochi, and after finding your friends again, you find your rivals, the Hebijo ninjas, alive again. What, the, hell? This makes no sense. After defeating each Hebijo enemy up until Homura, they poison themselves after you leave them be because, according to the game, the rules of the Hebijo are that you die if you are beaten by an outsider, and Homura, I assume, dies after the second fight with her. There’s no reason they should come back to life, Homura getting up and fusing with her friends into Orochi is just random nonsense. If Homura had a super form with monster-like features, similar to the Bleach anime series, then it would be fine. But no, we have Orochi.

But you know what, I think this is there because the in the game’s story, the Hanzo ninjas had befriended the Hebijo ninjas, even though they were enemies and were not interested in befriending them. That’s fine and all, but you don’t bring them back to life through the “power of friendship”-based storytelling.

I still like the game, I still don’t think the game is bad, but I do however maintain my personal complaint about the story, which is actually rather crummy.

By the way, I’m sorry I couldn’t find any images of the final boss for this post.


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