Good riddance to BBC Three

Spread the word. I’m eagerly awaiting the channel’s funeral.

Stef's Cave

bbc three Let’s not give it any eulogies. It wouldn’t sound right.

I’ve heard that the BBC is planning to axe BBC Three as an on-air channel as part of numerous cuts being made to the corporation as a whole. While many people are obviously upset about this, I for one couldn’t be happier.

I’ve been waiting forever for that crass, lowest-common denominator channel to get kicked off the air and into hell’s bowels, mainly because it’s the BBC’s way of caving in to the trashy youth culture of the present. We’d be doing a world of good be saying goodbye and good riddance to BBC Three, because they’re effectively dumbing down the nation’s youth.

However, we shouldn’t be celebrating yet. After all, it’s not going to be axed until Autumn 2015, but that hasn’t stopped fans and celebrities from voicing their support for the youth-oriented network.

Given the kind of crap…

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