Yin and yang attributes

Lately my affinity towards duality and the idea of yin and yang has strengthened. Hell, Shiva as a personal deity has duality as one of his key characteristics. And I think I can tell my yin and yang characteristics for myself.

Let’s start with the basics. Yin is defined by passiveness, reflectiveness, internality, and softness, while yang is defined by expression, passion, and energy. Yin is associated with winter and darkness while yang is associated with summer and light. Neither are truly positive or negative, both can be either.

The way I see it, I’m mostly a yang person. You can tell it in most of my personality, my philosophy, my elemental preferences (I prefer fire usually), and my aesthetic tastes. I prefer summer over winter, hot bright sunlight is my favourite weather, I like rock/metal music and prefer to headbang to it (which is expressive as opposed to subtle), my favourite video games involve action and fighting, I emphasise passion and exerting of will, and I have been an energetic person from a young age (I still jump around across the living room at times), all these are yang traits.

However, there is a yin side of my personality, and this exists in the form of my tendency towards personal reflection, introspective thought, actual philosophical process, that I like water, and the gentle side some people see. Come to think of it, that I think about how things fit together or can fit together (such as right now) is yin-ish.

As usual, balance is important. In this case, being able to recognise and value yin traits alongside yang as part of yourself can be qualified as applying balance. Even though I am dominantly yang, I still value whatever yin side of me there is, even to the point of them having their own ishta-devas (personal deities). This I feel counts for something when it comes to balance. Failing that, it’s at least better than denying yin period.

What I said about yang being the energy side though, it kinda leads me thinking about my idea of Chaos and the universe, but this is something best saved for another blog post.

I’d also like to note that I do not believe yang and yin are exclusively male or female respectively, as people of both genders can be yang-ish or yin-ish, and at different ratios and levels. Also, yang and yin do not correspond to good and evil, as the latter two are moral judgements, not metaphyiscal forces which can be balanced.


2 responses to “Yin and yang attributes

  1. Aristotle and others suggest the middle path between two opposites is best, which is supporting your ideas of balance. You are right that yin-yang has zero connection to good-evil, though traditionally yin is female and yang is male, though you are right that everything has a yin-yang aspect.

    • Interestingly enough, I don’t treat Order and Chaos the same way, however given how I have referred to Chaos in the past and how I refer to yang, I may need to do some thinking…

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