The world should not be ruled by money and false ideals

Whenever I dare to gaze at the news on the TV screens, I cannot help but notice the things that seem to rule the world. Once I could not help but see a TV screen where a news channel was airing, and to me the things that rule the world seem crystal clear. Our world is ruled by money, particularly money as transformed from a means to an end into a high ideal. The world seems to be revolved around the wealthy, the politicians, and false ideals, instead of the noble ideals of power and freedom.

Our world is ruled by money, false words, false ideals, religion, ignorance, herd mentality, and human weakness. In such a world, freedom, individuality, and personal power are meaningless, and love is usually encouraged as something based on body, tradition, and servitude, instead of real feelings. We are still expected to conform to traditional ideas, many of us accept slavery, domination, and ignorance. We do not

However, I would be damned if this world were replaced with the baby boomer ideals I often speak against, such as universal love to every person and thing and abolition of money and materialism, or by socialism and communism and other such things.

Don’t be confused, money and materialism is not what I have a problem with,  just that we are ruled by the wealthy and kept enslaved in a state of need.

I only wish for a truly free world, where humans are aware that they can have power, where they do not have to be enslaved, where the noble ideals of freedom, power, and individuality are not walked all over as though they were little more than litter on the streets. A world where people are not made to conform to the traditions and expectations of others, where we are the absolute masters of our destiny, and where we have no excuses not to take accountability for their own. Where there is no longer repression of sexuality.

This is the world I would rather have, not the world of money and false ideals or the baby boomer utopia.

It makes me think of something I made in art class when I was 16 years old. Below is the piece.

feathered dragon of the sun

It represents much the same things that I talk about now, though when I was 16 my perspective was most likely not as refined as it is now. The feathered serpent or dragon was meant to be the destroyer and purifier of the old corrupt world, a symbol of radical change and upheaval and the creation of a new and better world.

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