A desire for narrative

Ever since my brother and I were children, it seems we were defined by a desire to creative our own narratives, stories, characters, and universes. If we have anything in common, it is the impulse for creation (though I think of myself as more attentive to the mystical layer of this than my brother).

Constantly we would play out stories and fictional events between us, create characters and environments, and I would often create avatars of myself for the sake of putting myself in the story. Interestingly, my brother seems to be less reluctant than me to employ the idea of the author avatar.

The impulse for creation runs through my life and his, and has never stopped, nor shall it.


One response to “A desire for narrative

  1. Narrative, a type of personal mythos, is a technique that business use to build a brand. Apple and Nike for instance both have a type of mythos that makes them stand out from the crowd.

    Building a personal mythos or narrative is a great way in my opinion of building a foundation for a Satanic personal path.

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