No one truly owns money

My brother and I had another discussion regarding money. We were raising a hypothetical scenario in which one would steal money from one of those greedy Wall Street bankers. I would suggest it would be right to keep the money in order to financially liberate yourself, but my brother would prefer the money be destroyed because it belonged to a Wall Street banker. That’s when I raised the point that, yes, it did belong to a banker, but it would no longer belong to the banker once it was taken from him.

Money, you see, has no true owner. It inevitably passes from one person to the next, either by normal trade, or by force. When you spend money, you invariably pass on ownership of some of your money to another person. Same goes for when others give money to you. Money is was always an object that had a transient state of ownership. No one person ever owns it, only amounts of money, and eventually money ends up belonging to someone else, no matter who previously owns it. No one man can truly claim any permanent ownership of money.


3 responses to “No one truly owns money

  1. Most currency is in the form of an IOU, one that the banks do not have the assets to make good. The central bank of any nation literally prints money, lending it out to banks, who then lend it out to people like you or me. Nothing supports this money, it is a huge fraud, only maintained by the faith of the population in it. Money can lose all its value overnight in a crisis.

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