False charity claims by Satanic church

This is rather personal, considering I happen to be autistic.


Many Satanic groups tend to exaggerate or make false claims to boost their credibility, for instance making great show of their official recognition by the State, their charitable works, or the procession of titles such as “reverend.”  I have been watching the rivalry between the Church of Leviathan and the Church of Malphas for some months as they attempt to out-do each other with their charity and moralistic self-righteousness, wondering what the hell all their activity has got to do with Satanism.

The Church of Malphas today made a claim as follows:

“Church Of Malphas continues to support and work with those who suffer from Autism, offering spiritual guidance, love and hope.  Barbara Malphas-Samael and Church Of Malphas were recently honored in the United Kingdom for their work with this worthy cause.  Church Of Malphas continues to encourage others to get off of Facebook and other social media and actually…

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