A universal paradox

Once I encountered an interesting saying. The saying was:

You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.

It is a universal paradox regarding the nature of the freedom of the individual. Personally, I think it’s interesting, and there is a way someone like me can read it.

Basically, we are free to choose and to act as we wish, but every choice and act has a consequence of some kind, and after we make our choice and act as we do, the consequences unfold on their own.

This is worth remembering if one wishes to manage the consequences of one’s choices and actions. Usually though, the only true way to manage consequences is to place careful thought towards ones actions, their consequences, their motivations, and your personal opinion of whether or not its worth it.

One response to “A universal paradox

  1. The ancient Greeks had a view that fate is only fixed when the individual has acted upon their choices, thus the individual who chooses to jump off the cliff reaches the point that they are fixed to their fate of doing so.

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