Kings of Evil and Strange Journey

Once I glanced at the lyrics of a song entitled “Kings of Evil”. It was made by a band called Death SS (as in Steve Sylvester, not the Nazis; more about that later) and was released for their album “Black Mass” in 1989. The reason this is any important is because when I read the lyrics, I was reminded of Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, particularly what the Chaos-aligned forces wanted to do in that game.

Why? Let’s look at the lyrics. Here they are below.

You foolish mortals who live your life like sheep
In this meaningless world
You who live a normal life
Following the laws of human greed

Don’t hope in a better future
Nor in the progress of hallowed science
There’s just one way that can get you high
You must search for it into the mist of time

Burn with us in the eternal flame!

You gotta fight against reactions
Clench your fists but don’t despair
Destroy every link with your false doctrines
Only this way you can have power

Free yourself from the false beliefs
In exchange you’ll realize your wishes
The occult desires will calm your thirst
And you’ll be acclaimed in a better world

Come with us! We are the Kings of Evil!
We wanna fight for a new creation!
Come with us! In the Satanic Service!
We wanna destroy to reconstruct

Note: I don’t intend to say that Death SS predicted Strange Journey. That would be pretty much impossible. I’m just pointing out what I see as a resemblance. And just in case I sound like a grumpy old Christian ripping on rock and roll, I’m not.

The first verse basically condemns the majority of humans for their normal lives in normal society, including the tendency of most people to mindlessly follow consumerist culture (thus “following the laws of human greed”). It reminds me of how the Chaos-aligned demons and gods criticize mankind for destroying the earth by living like pigs. The first four realms of the Schwarzvelt, the dimension in which the game is set, reflect the errors of human society, such as war for war’s sake, decadence, commercialism, and the desolation of the environment, perhaps with the intention of sending mankind’s errors back at them.

The second verse kinda makes me think of the Neutral path in Strange Journey, which involves a lot of science and technology, and it is useless as a solution compared to the Chaos path.

The third and fourth verses call upon the listener to reject the false beliefs and doctrines thrust upon him by society and embrace the forces of the occult to attain freedom and personal power. It makes me think of the Chaos path in the series in general, which encourages freedom and personal, including freedom from false beliefs and doctrines imposed on the masses.

The last verse implores one to join the Kings of Evil, and tells that they are fighting for a new creation and wish to destroy in order to reconstruct. One might think of the god Shiva, but that’s besides the point. It actually reminds me of how the forces of Chaos want to uses the Schwarzvelt to destroy the current civilization and revitalize the world as a world where humans live in harmony with demons, nature, and the gods of old in a kind of anarchy where one is free to attain power for oneself.

This is probably coincidental, but it just connects to me, and it actually gives the song much more charm in my eyes. The lyrics are most likely not intended to connect with what I relate them to, but I think it works.

And now below, for your listening pleasure, the actual song Kings of Evil, from the Black Mass album. Enjoy.


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