What the Republicans could be (if I gave a rat’s ass)

There’s an idea that’s been my few for what I suspect to be a few months. Let’s pretend for a moment that I was actually interested in investing any energy in the American democracy. Let’s pretend that I had any faith in it. Why? Because I actually have an idea on how the Republicans can improve.

Let’s face it, Republicans are basically known for being evil, authoritarian, old-fashioned, hypocritical, unintelligent, bastards, but they have more spirit than the Democrats. What if they took out the authoritarianism and stupidity and gave the Republicans better representatives? Part of the problem with the party’s image is that they usually end up being represented by the stupidest people imaginable (although that’s not to say the other side isn’t full of crap). If intelligent people started representing the party, things would actually be a lot more interesting, and it would be the beginning of intelligent arguments for their values.

Honestly though, you might as well just replace the Republicans with a libertarian party. In a land that values freedom, many of the Republicans are basically useless. Besides, why bother making a more libertarian Republican party when you could have actual libertarians. And libertarians are perceived as kind of right-wing anyway (even though that’s only from the perspective of capitalism versus socialism).

As I said before, this all assumes I care enough about the American democracy, let alone have faith in it.

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