Flower power my ass!

Am I the only one who’s sick of the recurrence of the whole 60’s flower power thing? And don’t be confused, the 60’s culture is still around, just that it’s not being expressed in the same way it was in the 60’s anymore.

The Beatles credo of “all you need is love” still touches those who do not think for themselves. It may seem nice, but it’s just a meaningless pop music slogan from a pop music band. And the pacifism associated with the 60’s counterculture is very tired and no longer original (not to mention pretty damn ignorant).

Let’s just say the only three things I like about the 60’s counterculture was the spirit of freedom and rebellion against the establishment, the music (which sometimes included some rather heavy stuff for the time, and lest I forget the legend of Jimi Hendrix), and of course the whole free love thing. The rest of it was all flower children, and “love all God’s creatures”, and drugs. Lots, and lots, of mind-bending drugs, which I have absolutely no interest in whatsoever. And let’s not forget the Hare Krishnas who, according to a woman I am friends with who was alive in the 60’s, conned flower children out of their money, and I’m willing to bet there were a lot of gurus in the counterculture who did the same.

The whole “peace and love” philosophy just seemed hopelessly ignorant to me, and now it’s, for the most part, a part of our conformist culture. The philosophy of pacifism and universal love has infiltrated human thinking through the memory of the 60’s, but we have all forgotten that flower power isn’t enough, and it never was.


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