Sex and death

Sex and death are among the greatest and most prevalent fascinations and obsessions of the human mind, but in modern society they have become two of the most feared things in society.

Since the beginning, sex and death have been very much a part of life, and as we in modern society have begun to forget this and try to deny our fascination with them, we now seek out much harder forms of pornography (in some cases the line between sex and brutality is blurred) and more violent forms of entertainment (movies, video games, books, and music). It is our fascination with these things, our affinity particularly for sexuality, that we have always, in times of denial and repression, covertly expressed the spirit of sexuality, and in modern times death.

We live in a “safe”, neutered age, where we are taught to shun sexuality and run away from dealing with death. Even talking about sex and death has become taboo in Western society. And this denial is a great disservice to mankind.


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