Why Satanism could only have come from America

Something I made in printmaking class

Something I made in printmaking class

I have a funny feeling that Satanism is a religion that could only ever have come from America. Why? Because think about it: America is a country that supposedly values individualism and yet is a very Christian environment, and this Christian environment tends to create hypocrisy. And whenever America has to choose between freedom and religion, often they choose religion over freedom.

That’s where Satanism comes in. I feel Satanism is very much in tune with the American individualism and sets out to correct the hypocrisy plaguing America with regards to freedom versus religion. It is pretty much the only religion in America, let alone the world, that captures and truly embraces the American individualism I love, unlike Christianity, which only pretends to embrace American values in order to fool the masses there.

Besides, in a very Christian setting, someone’s going to get tired of it and react to it.


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