A messianic cliché

Recently I’ve been reading a book called The Final Testament (a.k.a. The Final Testament of the Holy Bible) by James Frey, and I reached the end of the book two days ago. It’s a fiction book about a new Jesus-figure who is living in New York, defying authority and religious convention, and teaching about “love” and making everyone feel love (and apparently fucking men and women alike). The book itself is actually not that bad. It’s a good read, starts out great in fact, but as I learn more of this messiah (named Ben Zion Avrohom), I start to like him less.

The character to me comes across as your typical pseudo-atheist messiah of modern times. He says God doesn’t exist, and yet he does in the form of love. He believes religion and government are lies (which I actually agree with), but he also goes on about buying things supposedly just feeds the system that’s going to destroy the world, thereby descending to the status of a typical hippie. He also seems to be taking a few pages from the Zeitgeist movies, claiming that all ideologies and belief systems are the same and in fact indifferent to worship of gods (which is bullshit when you actually think about it), and that everyone is out for control, which is not actually the case at all. Just a few people. He seems to think we’re all the same too and no one is different.

The closer I get to the end, the more I see that this messiah is nothing more than a 21st century hippie, complete with the whole tired message of “love everyone”, to the point where I actually wonder how everyone is so taken by his presence besides the fact that they think he’s the messiah. And is the book actually in support of this guy? Seriously?

That’s not to say the book itself is bad though. In fact, when I read it I get a great picture of the characters involved, and the emotions captured in the book’s pages. But I still find the book promotes a pretty stupid concept.


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