Life and death

I was reading some fine articles about an Indian symbol known as the Kirtimukha, a fierce devouring monster that is found on the entrance of temples in parts of Asia. I read about what the Kirtimukha represents, how it symbolizes not just violent energy utilized for noble ends such as protection, but also how life lives on life and life and death as brothers and sisters two sides of the same coin.

Destruction and death are the other side of creation and life. Among the primary obsessions of the human psyche are sex and death, and creation and destruction (which I admit to have a great interest). These things are all two sides of the same coin. It’s like yin and yang and how they are two sides of the same coin.

As soon as I thought of life deriving itself from life, and life and death as two sides of the same coin, I could not help but think of these ideas as striking a cord with me and my way of thinking. It made sense to me and it was very familiar to me. I was already familiar with it for a few years and did not find it hard to accept. Sex, life, creation, destruction, and death all come from the same raw and primal force that runs through all life. The horned force, the Chaos, the primal force that I praise. You can liken it to Shiva’s dance of creation and destruction, and the dance of Kali.

The dance of Shiva

I’ve also been thinking of these ideas in relation to how Satan is also represented in Satanism as the dark force in Nature. It is something interesting to considering life feeding on life and the relation of that to the duality of creation and destruction, and the relation of that to the primal force. In fact, I feel that Satanism, espeically the Church of Satan, understands this well.

I once watched the commentary on this idea given by the Christian priest Rolf Rasmussen, the assistant minister of the Asane church in Norway, on the Norwegian black metal mini-documentary from the Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey DVD. There is something he does not understand very well. He views the idea of the dark force in nature as parasitic because it is life that derives from others. He does not understand that life invariably derives from life. And if you’re not comfortable with that idea then contemplate this: every bit of food you have ever eaten has invariably come from an organism that was once alive, be it an animal or a plant. The same goes for all creatures, they all sustain their life by devouring another organism. The only exception would be plants or bacteria getting their nutrition from earth, water, and sunlight, and they’re eaten by something else too. And don’t kid yourself about man being special, for if it weren’t for our intellect and our species adapting to survive in the way that we did, mankind could easily be the prey of any other predatory animal, and we still get picked by other organisms occasionally.

In modern times we have lost touch with this truth, thus not only do we fear death more than ever, even to the point that we try to deny it from existence, but we also end up craving more violent media in the 20th and 21st centuries than before, such as violent movies, video games, and music (not that I have any complaints about violent media beyond some distaste towards slasher movies, extreme gore, and death metal, doesn’t mean I want it banned though).

Life deriving itself from life, life and death being two sides of the same coin, creation and destruction two sides of the same coin, these are ideas that I am familiar with, and I don’t seem to have a problem dealing with it.


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