Love and society

In our society, we have been conditioned to think that love means servitude to another person. Men have been conditioned to think that love means you have someone to fuck regularly and do everything for you. If you wanted that, you may as well get a prostitute. However, men are also conditioned to think love means changing for the woman you “love”, which you wouldn’t have to do if she really loved you to begin with. Both these things exemplify the idea of love as servitude, which is not what love is about. Women are also conditioned to think that love means having a prince charming who will take you away to a fairy tale castle, or that love is about changing a man into a “perfect” man. This is also “love” that is based on servitude, but it is not real love, for if you really loved someone you would love them for who they are.

Love is also not to be confused with lust. Lust is sexual arousal and carnal desire, while love is a deep emotional affection for someone that is not necessarily related sexual feelings. If you loved someone, then you would love someone for things beyond her body, though in fairness appearance and attractiveness would be something that draws one closer. If you “love” someone for body but not soul, you do not love someone, but simply lust after the body, which on its own would be fine if you didn’t try to disguise it as love.

Truth is, the idea of love as servitude and the idea that love and lust are the same have chained human sexuality and defiled the concept of love at the same time for a long time, and humanity has been done a major disservice because of it.

I would also like to mention marriage. I’m not saying people can’t choose to be married, but it’s my personal opinion that true love is something that does not need to validate its existence to society by fulfilling stupid traditions. Marriage is not the sign of love. Love is the sign of love. Deep emotional affection for someone you truly connect with in a very special way is the sign of love. Not some bullshit traditions and rings. Most don’t even marry out of love, but because they’ve been conditioned to believe that’s what you’re supposed to do.

Lastly, I find Valentine’s Day to be a meaningless commercial holiday that is an affront to the concept of love. Why should there be only one day dedicated to expressing your feelings for someone you love? Surely if you loved one another, you would always love each other and you’d know it, you wouldn’t need some meaningless commercial holiday to prove your love.


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