The gender myths that impede human strength

There are two myths that still persist in our society: the myth go the stronger gender and the myth of the weaker (or fairer) gender. In reality, there is no strong or weak gender just as there is no such thing as the stronger or weaker race or class, but the myths continue to survive in our culture.

The end result is that men are trained to think they are strong just because they are men even if most actually aren’t, while women are trained to believe they don’t need strength as long as they have a man to be strong for them. This impedes the ability of both men and women to be strong by nature of feeding them illusions.

Don’t be confused, I don’t just mean physical strength. I mean the strength of the will and the spirit too, and the mind. Anyone can attain strength, but they must destroy in their own minds the myths that prevent them from attaining that strength.

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