Is MTV trying to reshape the world in its own image?

Remember what MTV used to be? Until the 1990’s it was actually a music TV channel. It not only aired the average 80’s pop music, but also some of your favourite rock and heavy metal music from that decade. Then things changed. Gradually they abandoned hard rock and heavy metal, and eventually they became interested only in mainstream and shitty reality TV shows. Come to think of it, it’s been a long time since MTV was actually Music Television.

MTV is basically just a bunch of old white people trying to create and spoon feed a culture for the youth to follow, an extension of the wider pop music culture of modern times. And recently, MTV decided they should wet their beak in social issues, pretty much everything trending actually. They have an ad campaign called “Staying Alive” which basically encourages young people to find condom outlets and rate them, supposedly to encourage sexual health. Question: what the hell do MTV care? They’re nothing more than purveyors of a culture which they set out to create for the youth to follow without thinking. They also had an ad campaign for Typhoon Haiyan (featuring the band 30 Seconds to Mars) and currently have an ad campaign about abuse in relationships (though I can’t help but shake the feeling it’s all about abuse of women). Don’t take this the wrong way, but again I wonder, why does MTV care?

It also seems that MTV has had a long history of trying to inspire social activism in youth, regardless of whether they actually care or not, and trying to spoon feed opinions and culture directly to their brains, usually spoon feeding progressive or trendy opinions (and they always seem to support the Democrats when it comes elections, all while talking about democracy and choice), and it all has no real meaning, since they’re in no rightful position to advocate anything, being that they’re just a television network that focuses on reality TV and, supposedly, music. I mean come on, it’s Music Television, not Social Television. And really, MTV don’t care. They’re just in it for money and influence.

Although, I can’t help but think that MTV are out reshape the world, or at least society and the world’s culture, in their own image. I don’t care if they’re doing it for its own sake (in other words, for the sake of creating a new world) or merely for profit and influence, what matters is that they might be out to mould the world and its youth in their own cultural image. It might just be them out their more money and attention, but I have a sneaking suspicion there’s more, and do forgive me if I sound like a conspiracy nutter.


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