Is the idea of “the Illuminati” just a scapegoat?

I am reblogging this because I pretty much feel the same way.

Stef's Cave

Whenever something particularly spooky happens in the world, and it can’t be explained, there’s always bound to be at least a few people who are ready and willing to use the classic buzzword: “Illuminati”

Who are the Illuminati? Nobody, because as far as I’m concerned they don’t exist. There’s no real proof that the Illuminati even exists, but there are millions of people out there who believe that there is a clandestine group who controls everything and has been manipulating world events for centuries.

While I am aware that there used to be a secret organization known as the “Order of Illuminati” based in Bavaria, that same organization was suppressed, and permanently disbanded in the year 1785. The odd thing about this is that the Bavarian Order of Illuminati opposed superstition. They wanted to eliminate religious influence over daily life, and to promote such modern ideas as secularism, gender equality…

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