Modern Satanism redefines itself

An inspirational take on the satanic statue in Oklahoma.


If Satanism was dealing with one simple archetype, for example the Satan of the Jewish Book of Job, the opposer, or adversary, life would be simple.  However, life is complicated, because both Satanist and Christian dumps the Book of Job Satan with other archetypes: Lucifer; Loki; the Serpent in Eden; Enki; Set; Prometheus; European horned archetypes such as Cernunnos and many others.  It is like mixing many coloured paints, which produces totally different colours.  The anarchic process of mixing Satan up with other archetypes has surged with the advent of the internet, even those redefining Satan as a fictional entity called Cthulhu.  

Much to the dismay of some traditional-minded Satanists a number of new manifestations of Satan and Satanism are emerging including the best known version called The Satanic Temple.  When the Satanic Temple revealed its image of Satan for a proposed public statue as a Baphomet surrounded by…

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