The spiritual Satanist

You may have heard the term “Spirtual Satanist” get thrown around at some point. The organization known as Joy of Satan seems to throw that term around quite a bit, and the term is actually generally associated with theistic Satanism.

I personally have a mixed opinion of the term. On the one hand, I think it’s just a phrase thrown around by Joy of Satan, but on the other hand it could be used to refer to Satanists with an interest in mysticism and spirituality, and pursue those things.

Still, I can’t help but be rather careful about that term. I don’t like to be associated with the false Satanists who usually use the term.

4 responses to “The spiritual Satanist

  1. “Spiritual Satanist” is only a title like “Satanist” and there will always be those that might be considered disagreeable to the personal worldview of a Satanist that will use those titles to describe themselves.

  2. Sorry if I’m misinformed, but isn’t the nature of Satanism counter to a spiritual pursuit? Or do you see Satanism as an approach to spirituality?

      • Yea, i just wanted to make sure I knew from what perspective you were coming from. Most pagans think they’ve got it rough when it comes to labels and stereotypes, I can’t imagine what Satanists go through.

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