Capitalism is not the cause of greed

Often we think of capitalism and greed as being intertwined, or outright one and the same, but aware that capitalism and greed are not necessarily companions.

People all too often forget that people are the cause of their own greed, not capitalism. No matter what inspires greed (which is most likely not going to be the system), it is people who initiate their own greed and act on it.

But rather than see this, people just assume it’s capitalism’s fault that people become greedy. And there’s plenty of trendy left wing noise to feed off of this ignorance of the human role and individual responsibility. And news flash, systems are made up of people.

So before you try to pin the blame on capitalism, or money for that matter, stop and consider who were the ones who lead us into destruction? It is not money and capitalism that causes greed, it is people.


4 responses to “Capitalism is not the cause of greed

  1. Interesting question. I would go down deeper and say rather than people it is the individual. Society however is built upon the paradigm of capitalism and encourages the lust for money, and the pursuit of profit at the detriment of environment, community and self.

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