Hollywood is at it again

Honestly, I thought Hollywood was done writing fake devil worship in movies for the Christianity-influenced masses, but now I hear of a new supernatural horror movie called Devil’s Due, which airs in less than a week. To summarize, it’s a movie about a woman who unexpectedly gets pregnant with a sinister force. Basically more Christian tripe about the devil and the anti-Christ.

Hollywood has always been playing to Christian audiences. Part of me thinks they just promote the Christian worldview, but then I remember they’re just out to make money, and they know that by appealing to the ignorant masses they can turn a profit. Devil’s Due is just another one of those movies that does this, especially when it comes to Man’s fear of the devil.

Pretty much all horror movies about Satanism and the devil are the same. They exist as Christian propaganda and don’t even need to advertise themselves as such. One doesn’t need to take them too seriously, but one must also resist the influence of these movies.


3 responses to “Hollywood is at it again

  1. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the trailer for this. I keep wondering when people will get over these silly devil stories, but I guess as long as there are ignorant Christians out there they can continue making them.

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