This is not our planet

Often when discussing environmental issues, two key delusions come up. One is the delusion that the planet is going to be destroyed because of climate change (which I’ve already talked about), the other is the delusion that this is our planet.

We as humans hold no right to claim ownership of the planet, that Earth is “our planet”. We never have, and we never will. All we can claim it to be is our domicile or home, or as the place we live in, but it is still not ours. We are the spawn of this planet, this universe, or Nature, not the other way around.

I think I should note that Nature has no concept of ownership, but if it did then I’d say it is us who belong to Nature. But this is kind of besides the point.

To be honest, this kind of delusion is what happens when mankind tries to separate itself from nature. When Man denied that he was a part of the natural world, let alone the animal kingdom, he began to view himself as above nature and in control of it. Even today we still view our species and our civilization as separate from the natural world, and it is this that causes our disconnect from Nature.


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