Satanism and love

This is the best image I can find for this subject.

Now some may think that Satanists don’t believe in love, but as a Satanist I’m here to say that’s a bunch of bull.

Through the Satanic lens, love is based on ones own feelings, and ones own desire for more than just sexuality, as opposed to some. Specifically, the desire to be with someone who so connects with you on a deep and spiritual level. Love itself is emotional and spiritual, more than simply a carnal or sexual feeling. And love has to come from your own feelings, not some bullshit concept of destiny.

One should love based on one’s own feelings, rather than for any externally imposed reasons, or because society tells you to. Also, it’s generally a shit-headed idea to go after someone just for looks, because if you just want someone because he/she is beautiful, then you don’t love the person for his/her soul, and thus you don’t really love her, you just want her body (and by the way, don’t you ever confuse that for love).


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