The egoist can think of others, but for his/her own reasons

Egoism means you care about your own feelings and place your own will and selfhood as the highest importance. But this doesn’t mean you can’t listen to others, or think of them. In fact, from a rational and an emotional perspective, it’s generally better to think about it. For the egoist, concern for others should ideally be considered a part of his own self-interest. Because you never know what you do something so stupid and don’t think it will hurt anyone.

If I may make a confession, I myself have been engaging in a bit of fantasy, and I thought that it wasn’t hurting anyone. Then a friend I was dear for found out about the things I’ve been saying (I choose to keep any names anonymous, but if a certain someone is reading this, then they already know what I’m talking about). I had much in common with that person, and by the time I realized just what was going on, just how much I hurt that person, I felt violated, horrified, absolutely riddled with fear. All I could think of was “What have I done!?”, and “How do I make things right again?”. A whole mix of emotions and feelings was at playing during this time, and still is today. I realized that I hurt someone who I had so much in common with, and still I try to redeem myself without castrating my persona. I don’t know if it’s working.

All’s I know is if you don’t consider how your actions will affect everyone else, it will come back to you, and you will feel all the pain and misery you brought on yourself. And I won’t forget it.


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